Project Overview

Invitations are everyone's party introduction as they declare the event's theme, colours, and fun factor. Once a member of the invitations committee for a business banquet event based on the theme of "Dare to Dream", I took on the responsibility of designing an invitation that would successfully inform and communicate to guests about the business event.


Out of all applicants that participated in designing an invitation for this event, my design won, was chosen to be printed and handed out to all guests!



One of the very first things I did was brainstorm what comes to mind when I hear the phrase "Dare to Dream".  Reaching for the stars, imagination, dreamy, were some mental images and words that came to my head.  


Brainstorming allowed me to generate my ideas for the design of this invitation. From my brainstorming map, I was able to come up with an appropriate colour scheme.​

Drafting Designs

Prior to creating the final invitation design, I created several drafts/initial designs and presented them to my professor and several of my classmates for evaluation and feedback. Creating these rough designs allowed me to further explore my ideas and show the intention behind the overall design concept before investing further time into development.


View the gallery above to see the initial designs that I came up with

Making Edits

After reviewing the feedback that I received from my professor and classmates, I made several edits to my initial designs.


These edits included:

  • Selecting a more dreamy font style for the title "Dare to Dream"

  • Inserting details about the banquet event inside the invitation, rather than the back of the invitation

  • Placing the actual logo of the charity that is being supported, instead of just typing out the name

  • Designing a door for the front of the invitation that opens up

  • Adding content to the side flaps (e.g. text and images)

Final Invitation Design

Close up of the inside

Front of the invitation

This circle cutout is placed centered at the front of the invitation. 

It acts as a door to the inside of the invitation.



Role: Designer (Individual Project)

Created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

© 2016 Janelle Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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