Project Overview

P & K Connect (Parents and Kids Connect) is a mobile app that provides parents with advice on how to take care of their children. The app contains articles that troubleshoot daily challenges parents experience as they occur. These articles and news can be specific to their children based on the personal profile(s) the user has created.


The app works in conjunction with The P & K Connector, a bracelet sold separately in pharmacies. 


Lightweight, soft, and hypoallergenic, The P & K Connector monitors a child's pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and tracks the current location of a child through GPS. Thus, parents can check their child's health on a regular basis and keep track of where their child is when on the go.

Sample P & K Connector


Discovery Research

The purpose of this discovery research was to understand our users better and inform our initial ideas and designs. 

  • What are the concerns, behaviours, preferences and needs and wants of parents?

The methods used to do our research included:

  • Literature review of existing articles about parents using articles, databases, books, biographies, etc.

  • Competitive analysis of other existing apps similar to our proposed design idea

  • Online survey for parents and in-person interviews with children


Parents continue to overprotect despite improved safety

  • Led to the P & K Connector and tracker

Parents are most concerned about their child's health

  • Led to the first aid kit manual

Parents prefer to receive advice from doctors and specialists

  • Articles in the app have been reviewed by doctors and experts in parenting


I created the wireframes for our app. Wireframes helped to: 

  • Display app architecture visually

  • Clarify app features

  • Push usability to the forefront

  • Make the design process iterative

  • Save time on the entire project

Prototyping and Evaluation

I designed the user interface and visual elements for the prototype of our app. Usability testing was conducted on the prototype.


The purpose of usability testing was to examine the behaviours and thoughts of participants testing the app and make any changes based on what was gathered from the usability testing.


Some of the changes that were made include:

  • Changes in the layout to make content more easily navigable

  • More recognizable homepage and navigation icons

  • Use of the hamburger icon instead of a menu bar as we noticed people straining their eyes to read the menu bar


Role: UX & UI/Visual Designer (Group Project)

Created using Adobe Illustrator


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